Thursday, January 15, 2009

Place me on the Potter's wheel

"But now, O Lord,

You are our Father.

We are the clay and You are the potter;

we are all the work of

Your hand."

This verse is absolutely beautiful but it made so much more sense to me when I saw how clay was really formed into beautiful pottery. It starts off as a soft, dirty, worthless lump of clay. The potter chooses the clay and starts the process by beating and wedging the clay in order for the clay to be workable. He then must slam the clay onto the potter's wheel to pull out any pebbles or rocks. The potter then will begin to knead through the clay to cause the rocks and pebbles to rise to the top so that he can remove them. The potter then begins spinning the wheel, the clay must be on the center of the potter's wheel because if the clay is not centered, it will fall. The potter works very steadfast and faithfully on the clay, even if the clay falls, he lifts it back to the center and begins again. The clay then must be placed in a kiln that is heated up to over 1500 degrees in order to strengthen the clay. The worthless lump of clay was shaped and molded into a beautiful masterpiece! God chose me even when I was mearly a lump of clay, He did not cast me off, but He has placed me on His wheel and shapes me. God kneads into my heart and pulls things like bitterness and selfishness out so that I can be the whole and pure creation He desires. It is not always comfortable being on the potter's wheel, but God is soverign and knows the outcome of the present situation.

Father, I pray that you place me on the potter's wheel. I am but mearly a broken piece of clay God and I ask that You continue to work in my heart and my life. I thank you that You keep all of my tears in a bottle and that You do not even hesitate to pick me up when I fall. I desire to be the pure and strong heart that You have purposed for me. I thank You Father that You are steadfast in Your love for me and You will never give up on me. Build me and shape me into a heart that houses you God, a place where You dwell and can fill me with Your love and joy!