Thursday, February 5, 2009


In Luke chapter 7 Jesus went into the house of a Pharisee. A sinful woman saw Jesus, brought an alabaster flask of ointment, she began to weep, she wet His feet with her tears, wiped them off with her hair, she kissed His feet, anointed them. This sinful woman came to the feet of Jesus with weeping, in a moment of true, pure, wholehearted worship. The Pharisee began to judge the woman. Jesus asked Simon if he "saw" this woman. Jesus began to explain to Simon that this woman was forgiven much and loved much. Jesus saw this woman's heart, He saw her for His sister, His daughter. Oh if we could only see the world through the eyes of Jesus, how differently would we treat people. When we look through the eyes of Jesus, we see people differently that society sees them. When we look through the eyes of Jesus, we will see our brother instead of seeing the drunk on the corner, we will see a daughter instead of seeing a prostitute. We will see that NOONE is beyond redemption. When Jesus encountered people, He saw deep into their hearts and He was moved with compassion to help them. I wish we could be more like Jesus.

Father, I pray that you give us eyes like yours. Eyes that see through the outter shell into the hurting and bruised heart. Eyes that see a need and are so full of love and compassion that it only leads to action. Eyes that see the beautiful daughters and sons that You see. Eyes that see the life broken and ruined by iniquity and the complete restoration that will be brought by an ugly cross.



That was great!!! and so true!

Messenger International said...

You are beautiful and here in this time for great purpose.

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LT said...

This is so amazing girl. Luhs you!! You're awesome!!!